Identify Imperial Portraits: Coins

Sebastian Heath, ISAW/NYU

Identify 5 of the following coins using the search tools at and the American Numismatic Society (ANS). You can also refer to the exhibition catalog "Faces of Power," which is available as a downloadble PDF. Don't be boring by identifying just the first five coins, instead choose a selection that interests you.

To indicate that you've identified 5 coins, send an email with a brief and consistent description of each coin and a link to the same coin type that you found at either or at the ANS. Both of these sites allow you to link to individual records. It is those short direct links that you want to submit. Examples:

This page is part of a sequence on identifying Roman imperial portraits. After completing the "coin identification" exercise, you can use these coins to help you identify the portraits on this page.

I am grateful to the American Numismatic Society for permission to use images of coins from its collection. Please contact me for for further information on each piece. -Sebastian Heath

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